Some pictures from a recent trip to Capogiro with Alexei and his mom Nina. Alexei has a fine taste in Italian gelato from an early age! Just for the record, cucumber and vodka gelato is ridiculously tasty and refreshing. My summer 2010 favorite!


A month and a half after our first portrait session with Nicholas, his mom Alena invited us to join them on a walk at Independence Park once again. Alena’s mother-in-law was visiting them for a few months and wanted some new photos of her grandson. We had a great time and even caught “the magic hour” before sunset with some beautiful light. Nicholas has grown quite a bit and we are looking forward to photographing him again soon!

I recently went for a walk around Rittenhouse Square with 21-month-old Alexei and his mom, Nina. Alexei is a very stylish little fellow. He was wearing some jeans and a plaid shirt that day. I had lots of fun chasing him all over the park as he climbed some trees, watched pigeons and even met a cute girl! Below are some of my favorite photos from the afternoon.

I have recently photographed 3-month-old Nicholas and his beautiful mom Alena at their local park in Old City. Our session was about 1 hour long, very relaxed and casual. We were lucky to have such a lovely sunny day for our shoot. I can’t wait to photograph Nicolas again soon!

Last weekend I went to visit my friend Yulka in Bethlehem, PA where she was staying with her boyfriend’s mom. It was a much needed change in scenery and pace for me. The total city-dweller I am, I really enjoyed being in a quiet, sunny place, away from the noise and traffic and crowds and parties and work. Yulka and Tom’s mom, Judy, were very welcoming and I’m very grateful for their hospitality. I also really loved being around 3 dogs, 6 (or more?) cats, 2 horses, chickens and geese (or ducks?). I hope I’m not forgetting anyone. Me and Yulka went for walks to the pond and the woods, cooked amazing omelettes from fresh eggs, blew soap bubbles in the sun and cuddled with cats and dogs. We also drank lots of good beer. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Double Dutch party last Friday at the Barbary.